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The first face mask
detection app for
keeping you safe.

The first app that can detect human faces wearing masks, using a system based on machine learning.

Starting mid-May the state of urgency will come to an end
and we will slowly and cautiously get some of our freedoms back.

But some of the safety measures imposed are here to stay.
Wearing a mask in public indoor places is one of them.

While we are all eager to get our lives back, we are also
well aware that safety will be people’s main concern.

Let's make this
a SafeSpace
for all.

How does it work?

Use an iOS
or Android tablet of phone.

Get it for free on Google Play. For IOS, you will receive an installation kit on email

Place the device at
1.5m from the ground,
facing the entrance.

Plug in
and run the app

Use SafeSpace for your business.

SafeSpace is a great solution for areas where real-time feedback is important:

retail gates, hallways, office buildings, near elevators,
factories, mall entrances or even restaurants and small markets.

SafeSpace Face Mask & Face cover detection technology has been embedded in 2 separate products to offer the greatest deployment flexibility.

SafeSpace CheckPoint Face Mask Detection

Continuous Monitoring - Face Mask Detection from CCTV Cameras

Contact us for further customization or implementation